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Identity Theft Protection

At EZShield, a Sontiq brand, we believe owning an identity is a serious responsibility.

Our connected world has made us all more vulnerable to fraud and identity theft. With the spike in cybercrime and the surge in data breaches millions of Americans fall victim to identity theft each year.

Whether at work or at home or on the go, we need to be aware of the networks we connect to, links we click on, and personal information we share. Every personal or professional interaction we have leaves a trail of data making up our digital footprint. These digital imprints last forever, which is why our services keep a watchful eye over your personal and financial information.

Our proactive identity theft protection and monitoring services work for you to make you less vulnerable. Explore your benefit options here:

Enhanced Elite
Family Identity Restoration
Dark Web Monitoring
1-Bureau Credit Monitoring
Quarterly Credit Score
Public Records Monitoring
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