Make the Most of Your Time With These Marketing Tips

Everyone can agree that marketing is important, particularly if you are looking to grow your business. It is safe to say too that it takes time, a luxury for many business owners.

With some intention and time management, however, it is doable. Work smarter and consider the following tips to save yourself time and energy on marketing.

PCA Construction Worker - Computer Monitor w/Marketing Terms

Recycle Content

With so many different marketing channels, coming up with content can feel like a herculean task. You do not need to create original material for each social media platform, email, blog, etc. Write something up for your blog, use it in your email marketing campaign, and find a way to incorporate it into your social media accounts.

It is OK to post the same thing across all social medias so use the same images and text for them all. Additionally, if something performs well, find a way to build out what you have already created into multiple posts and/or articles.

Start Small

While you are still getting the hang of the digital marketing thing, focus on one or two channels. Figure out what works, what’s popular, and how the channel itself functions. It’s a learning curve so anticipate spending more time than expected on marketing tasks. As you become more comfortable, you can expand to other channels.


Focus on the Task at Hand

Set a timer for a half hour and see how much marketing work you can get done. Though easier said than done, thinking about the task rather than your limited time makes for more productive work. Don’t ruminate about all the other things on your to-do list, just set aside a little bit of time to do one thing. You will likely be surprised to see how fast marketing can be.

Use a Content Calendar

Given the unpredictability of your schedule, it is best that you take care of as much marketing work as possible when the time presents itself. You might think that it is impossible to do all your marketing for the month in an hour, but, with a content calendar and post scheduler, it is simple. Plan out what you want to post across all channels in a spreadsheet and upload and schedule the content accordingly.


Use Templates When Possible

No need to reinvent the wheel every time you send an email, upload a blog, or post something to social media. For repeated tasks, create an adjustable template that you can use every time and eliminate redundant steps. Don’t forget to change out text and images!

Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help

If you don’t have experience with the digital world, your team or even family/friends might. Ask the tech savvy people around you for help when you need it. They can likely answer your question in a quarter of the time it would’ve taken you to figure it out. Consider outsourcing work to one of your employees, family members, or freelancer if your budget allows.


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