Social Media Marketing

Social media matters. With over 3 billion users worldwide, odds are your customers are active on social media — which means you should be too.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Social Media Use

While creating accounts is a good and necessary start, managing them is where the marketing magic happens. Cultivating a strong digital presence makes your business more visible to potential customers, and also more appealing. Unlike traditional word of mouth marketing, the online world is one in which you can enter the conversation. If someone has a problem with your business, you have the opportunity to steer the conversation in a different direction and possibly even solve their issues. Social media provides you with a unique opportunity to highlight the strengths of your business and have honest conversations with clients. Online, the narrative is within your control.

As a busy business owner we understand that time is a luxury that you cannot afford. Social media is likely the last thing on your mind. While it can be difficult at first, with time and practice, the benefits will dramatically outweigh the cost. Focus on consistency and keep it simple. Some social media presence is better than nothing. To start, keep these simple do’s and don’ts in mind.

DO: Post Regularly

Consistency is the name of the social media game. Posting infrequently will cause your audience to forget you, and perhaps even social media timeline algorithms. Post quality content, regularly. On Instagram, shoot for one post per week; Facebook, three per week.

DON’T: Post Too Much

Be careful not to bombard your followers with posts. Try to post once a day at most, and spread posts out throughout the week. We suggest creating some type of content calendar to simplify the social media process and keep you organized. If your schedule is too hectic and you only have one day a week, or even a month, to devote to social media, a content calendar can make scheduling out posts easy as pie.

DO: Interact With Your Audience

Whether it be a call to action post or a response to a mention, build online connections just as you would in person. Interact with others! Ask your followers about their favorite remodeling trends, conduct a poll on the best house colors of the season, run a raffle, etc. Enter conversations whenever possible and use your posts to start them.

DON’T: Be Overly Sales-y

Your focus of social media should not be directly related to the services you provide. Use your accounts to highlight your expertise and character rather than implore people to work with you. Keep 80-90% of your content entertaining and informative, and the rest, promotional.

DO: Be Genuine

Audiences can sense inauthenticity, so use social media in a way that is true to you. Showcase your and your company’s personalities to give viewers a sense of who you are and what they might be buying into. Keeping things real not only helps your digital image, but it also makes the task of managing social media accounts bearable, and maybe even enjoyable.

DON’T: Obsess Over Numbers

Remember that building a successful digital presence takes time. Building brand awareness is a long-term, constant effort. Do not hyperfixate on the followers, likes, and shares. With consistent, thoughtful posting and a little bit of luck, time will bring you marketing success. Lasting growth is gradual.

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