From the age of a favorite actor to contractors near me, people turn to Google for answers to every question imaginable. You might think that having a website is enough, but you also need to be listed on Google in order for your most basic information (phone number, website, address) to be most visible. If you have ever searched for a business on Google, you will notice a map and list of options come up before the actual search results. Business owners list, or claim, their business on Google in order to appear there.

How do I create a Google Business Account?

Follow these steps to create a Google Business account. You will need a Google account to sign up. If you don’t have a Google account, sign up for one here.

  1. Begin by gathering all necessary assets (profile picture, cover photo, pertinent info - ex. location of business, you may also be prompted for information such as a credit card to have on file for advertising purposes)
  2. Next prepare all text that will appear on the Google Business page and search (business name, about section, etc)
  3. Now you’re ready. Click here to create a new Google Business Account
  4. Begin by filling in your business name then click “next”
  5. Continue to follow the prompts, filling in the information for location, etc. Remember you can change the information later if needed but don’t claim a business that is not yours.

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